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How to clone Coin Master?

Hello everyone! You probably already know everything about Coin Master, but do you know how to clone Coin Master? If you don't know, keep reading.

Clone Coin Master

¿How to clone Coin Master?

Today, we have at our fingertips a lot of tools that make our lives easier, in all areas it is possible to achieve great changes that before an ordinary person could not do on their own, as it is clone an app.

An app can easily be cloned these days, and people decide to clone apps for different reasonsbut in the particular case of Coin Master it is not complex to guess why, players want to be able to have several accounts to multiply profits.

How to play Coin Master with two accounts
How to clone Coin Master?

To be able to clone Coin Master you will have to use an app quite known in the market called parallel Space, cloning any application with Parallel is really easy. Then follow these steps to clone Coin Master:

  1. Download Parallel Space in the store of your preference, in this case we obtained it through the Google Play Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, you can choose the apps you want to clone, which in this case will be Coin Master and Facebook.
  3. Once they have been cloned, all you have to do is open your secondary accounts.
  4. Done, you can now use two accounts in Coin Master.

* Note: We recommend that you place a badge so that you know which is the cloned app.

There are also other applications, such as App Clonerthe apk-editor, but the most recommended, and the most used by users is Parallel Space.