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How to get the Coin Master firebird?

Hi everyone! Do you want to know how to get the firebird Coin Master? If you thought that the mighty Lion card was difficult to get, then I tell you that it is much more so.

Get the Firebird Coin Master

Firstly, what is the firebirdIf you are a frequent Coin Master player, you should know that this card is a 5-star golden card, quite difficult to obtain.

We know that there are gold cards of a lower rank in terms of the stars that become more common, but at least what are the card of the Mighty lionand the Fire BirdThey are somewhat complex letters to find.

How to get the Firebird Coin Master
How to get the Firebird Coin Master

The chances of finding the Fire Bird Coin Master they are quite low, but nothing in this world is too complex not to try to get what you want. To get the firebird follow these tips:

  • Complete the collections of the village you are in, as leveling up will make it more difficult to achieve this.
  • Buy chests, especially magic and gold chests, because that is where you have the best chance of finding these beautiful cards.
  • Do not forget to participate in the special events of golden cards, in them you have a better chance of being exchanged for this card.
  • There are pages that will recommend the use of hacks, but we do not, since you could lose your account when using them, avoid cheating.
how to get the firebird coin master
How to get the Firebird Coin Master