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How to Create Faces on Roblox

If there is something fun in playing Roblox, it is above all being able to create our own avatars and be able to modify them to make them much more fun, which is why in this new installment we will teach you How to Create Faces in Roblox.

Steps to Create Faces in Roblox

The easiest way to create faces totally free in Roblox is by following the steps that we will mention below:

  • Locate and open your browser and search for "Roblox Faces in PNG" the "PNG" format is the only one supported to create faces.

How to Create Faces on Roblox
  • Choose the face that most catches your attention and the funniest of all.
  • Download the image.
  • Now on the Roblox icon you will give "Second click" and "Open file location".
  • Find the folder named "Content" and open it. Now open the "Textures" folder.
  • You should find the image with the name "Face" and delete it.
  • Now copy the image you downloaded and paste it into the folder giving it the name "Face".
  • Go to the Roblox page and choose the “Avatar Selection” option.
  • Here remove any faces that your avatar has previously on.
  • As soon as you have deleted it, that's it friends as soon as you open Roblox on your computer your avatar will have the face you downloaded.
How to Create Faces on Roblox

I hope it has been helpful. We will read in the next installment!

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How to create faces on Roblox?

Hi everyone! Known how to create faces in Roblox, since as you know the faces of the Roblox characters are not so customizable if one does not know how to do it.

Creating your custom faces in Roblox is possible

How to create faces on Roblox?

If there is something that we like when we start playing a game, it is the possibility of customizing it at all possible levels, such as the face that our avatars will have, or their characters.

Not everyone knows that it is possible to add a touch of personality to our faces, but now that you are here you already know it, so welcome to a new world created for you in Roblox.

How to create faces step by step?

How to create faces on Roblox?
How to create faces on Roblox?

Have your own custom face by doing this:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. write on it Roblox Faces png images.
  3. Go to the images section.
  4. You will have a lot of options available to choose from, so choose the one that most resembles you.
  5. Notice that the face you choose has no background.
  6. Save the image of the face that you liked the most, specifically on the desktop.
  7. On the desktop you must also have your game, you must right click on it and press the option open file location.
  8. Press content>>textures.
  9. Once inside this folder you must enter the face that you liked the most in this folder, but not before having changed the name to face.
  10. Press replace.
  11. Go into roblox and remove the face you currently have.
  12. Enter some game, and you will see that you have the face you chose before.