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How to install Brawl Stars on a Nintendo Switch

If you want to learn How to install Brawl Stars on a Nintendo Switch, You should not miss this new installment, where we will teach you everything you need to know to be able to install the game on this console.

Methods to install Brawl Stars on a Nintendo Switch

Brawl Stars is an incredibly entertaining game with a large number of characters to choose from, upgrades and unlockable abilities added to special events for a limited time, which is why you can't stay without playing Brawl Stars on your Nintendo Switch and we'll show you how to do it shortly :

How to install Brawl Stars on a Nintendo Switch
  • First of all, what you need to do is download the game, for this you just have to search in the browser of your choice for “Brawl Stars for Nintendo Switch” and also “Settings for the “Brawl Stars” installer”, when you get what you want, just download them.
  • Once you have downloaded the game and its configuration, you must install it, for this you just have to open the game installer, click on "next" and choose the directory where you want to install it.
  • Wait for the game to download to the chosen directory on your device.
  • Now you must run the game and verify that the installation was successful.

Another method to be able to install Brawl Stars is to install Android on your Nintendo Switch as follows:

How to install Brawl Stars on a Nintendo Switch
  • First you will have to download the "ISO" image from XDA Developers, which corresponds to the size of your SD card (that is, it depends on the capacity of your card you will have to choose an "ISO" image or another). You can download it by direct download or by Torrent.
  • Save the image to your SD card. Do not extract the image, it will work on the compressed image.
  • Download the Google Apps (GApps) for Android 8.1. Specifically the "Open Gapps". Then put them on the first partition of your SD card.
  • If you want you can download the shield-ifier file and also put it on your SD. This will allow your Switch to be detected as an NVIDIA Shield (Since the Switch uses an NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor to work). In this way we can install NVIDIA Shield TV and install the NVIDIA app.
  • Load hekate (the boot of Switch) and start TWRP by holding down the "+" button on the volume up when you select the Android settings.
  • Make sure you are mounting / system first in TWRP. Flash the zip of the GApps. After this flush / dalvik cache as offered by TWRP. If you are not sure how to do this step, you can look for a video to guide you better.
How to install Brawl Stars on a Nintendo Switch
  • Restart the hekate and start Android.
  • Complete the initial setup. If you have installed shield-ifier to have the NVIDIA Shield functions make sure to update the Play Store.
  • After having updated the Play Store, just enter and search for "Brawl Stars" download it and you can play it whenever you want.

So you can play this great game on your Nintendo Switch.

I hope it has been helpful. We will read in the next installment!