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How to Retrieve a Fruit in Blox Fruits

Hi everyone! You want to know How to Recover a Fruit in Blox Fruit? If the answer is positive, you should stay in this article, since we are going to give you the information about it.

Is it possible to recover a devil fruit in Blox Fruits?

It is important that you know that yes, there is a way, but if you have dropped the fruit, or you have discarded it, you will not be able to recover it, you must not forget this, because if you accidentally discard a fruit that you intended to consume, you will not be able to take it again.

The truth is that by using the inventory you will be able to store your fruits, but if you still have doubts, we will clarify them for you shortly, because it is extremely important to know everything about this topic, since it is the fruits that give us a lot of potentialities.

How to Retrieve a Fruit in Blox Fruits

How do I use inventory to retrieve devil fruit?

In itself it is not that you can recover a fruit, but rather that you have saved it in the inventory to be able to consume it later when necessary, the most important thing is that you keep in mind that you can keep one fruit per type in your inventory.

It is very easy to know what fruits you have stored in your inventory, because the icon of the same will let you know. Inventories are in second y third sea, if you were to die your inventory will be empty, but you can recover the lost fruit through the search icon with this action.

Can the inventory be expanded in Blox Fruits?

This is great news that came to the game, because yes, there is a developer product that will give us the opportunity to expand our inventory to a maximum of 30 fruits, entering one of each type.

How to Retrieve a Fruit in Blox Fruits
How to Retrieve a Fruit in Blox Fruits